Learning Objectives

Black History Month Content

We will:

  • Learn a variety of perspectives on direct action in reponse to systemic oppression and domination;
  • Articulate inclusive, working definitions of “social justice”;
  • Learn about historic civil rights leaders whose words, wisdom, and legacies are left behind by public school curriculum;
  • Develop a technological solution to this problem in learning and instruction
  • Develop on our work to learn foundations of computer programming

Justice Jeopardy (Academic Fair) Unit

We will:

  • Build on our Black History Month artifacts to develop a software application the takes into account the user’s experience;
  • Demonstrate compliance with best practice coding techniques for the Python language;
  • Comply with conventions for documentation strings and developer comments;
  • Use a documentation tool to produce polished API documentation;
  • Use automated tools to generate reports on adherance to convention;
  • Troubleshoot and debug our code;
  • Learn to develop software applications with graphical user interfaces (GUIs);